The veil of Terror

Since the beginning it has been based on a non truth. It is a borrowed story who’s details have been changed to have a whole different meaning then the original story. It has been posed as the only way and any other way must be forgotten. It was imposed upon us with the threat of public death in ways that were horrific. No one in their right mind would say otherwise in the beginning due to the incredible consequences one would face for being what they called Blasphemous

One had to believe out or fear of believing otherwise and this is how the masses ended up believing. Once a believer its dogma does not allow free thinking. This is the word of God you must not question this. They got the word of God from humans who talked to God but in the modern day to say you spoke with God gets you a trip to the looney bin. How Convenient this all is that the story they borrowed and changed to suit their needs of power can not be challenged in this modern day. Why because you cant talk to God and get a reply with pout being called crazy but the people who they say talked to God were talking to God and we must follow what God said then. This is an oxymoron rapped in a catch 22 filled with the cream of irony.

I do not have faith in God or that there is a God I believe in God I have no need for faith. You do not have to prove to me there is a God for I have a conscious contact with God. I have had contact, I have asked for answers and gotten them, and they were right. When I’m confused beaten and down, Ive asked for strength to stand up and fight and received it. I see that when my intent is correct that karma flows for me and when it is bad happenings work against me. I believe therefor I am a part of God and you are too in my belief.

I find it offensive that they would deny me the right to communicate with God in search for the truth about this life. In search for what I am to be achieving while I am here. The reason for this denial is obvious and that is because if I search for the truth I will un doubtably come to the conclusion that this is not the truth and if it is not true it is not of God. Then I instantly realize that they are in charge and suddenly the conclusion as to why things are so backwards and make no sense at all become clear. You cant find the truth when you start on a lie.

I pleaded with you to step back and look at the whole picture and you will see we have been lead down one bad road after another. That this whole thing called Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as lead us into one war after another, has caused us to commit the unthinkable acts in the name of God.

Amazingly though I have just insulted the whole world practically but where does someone finally stand up and say we have to stop letting this drive us. Its bad, its not true, and its far from what even common sense requires us to think. As I have said I believe in God so much so that faith is not needed. It is the same God they say they know about, the same god that said all that it said but doesn’t say anything today unless they said it did. Do you see have they have dominion on what is said by God and we cant hear or understand God to mean or say what we think God means or says.

I know that last paragraph is abstract in a way or hard to get but what the bottom line is we as ordinary people are not allowed to decide for ourselves what is right or wrong rather it is being decide for us by these religions when they do whats wrong all the time and its clear to see what they do is wrong. It is designed to stop you from thinking for yourself. Because if you think for yourself you might stop conforming to the practices that keep them in power. See its not about God with them its about control.

Look at the current regimes in power and ask yourself who are they and is what they do right according to the rules right or wrong. Do this considering that they are supposed to be following their own rules. Now let me ask you if they really believed can they break their own rules. If they were God fearing would they do things against their own God such as cheat steal and lie not limited to killing. None of these things are permissible according to the recorded history of what God says according to themselves. Now try and wonder why everything is upside down, backwards, and in a miserable state. It is here that you loose your wonder and all is clear. What was started on a none truth can not be true. What was started in a bad way cannot lead us to what is good.

It is my believe that if everyone looks inside themselves for the answers of God that we will all be in search of Devine truth then as a result of the practice we will all come out knowing the same thing. Here is why. If we all search for truth there is only one truth, therefor we will all be forced by the laws of truth to that one truth and here we will have unity that is un avoidable. This is in opposition to the division we see today by following something that is untrue as if it were the truth. It just wont work its common sense.

Now dont misunderstand me I’m not saying all is wrong with these religions I’m just saying the is a lot that is. I believe every religion is a little bit right. I GET THIS BECAUSE I believe people can have a conscious contact with God, anyone can if you try. The people that were listen to long ago had such conscious contact but their meanings have been twisted and changed to suit those in power. We have been following up to now but even ads I speak the veil is being torn apart. History is under scrutiny, evidence I’d coming forth that make it clear that all is not as they say it is. But some is as they say it is but not all and to have them tell it all of what they say is the ultimate truth and that just isn’t so.

The very nature of a dogma is to ignore evidence to the contrary of what you see. This is why faith is such a requirement. This is why according to modern thought you can not talk to God until you die. You can talk but God the universe wont see you tell its all over. Convenient again because if you start taking like you might get an answer you just might and they dont want you to have these answers. They dont want us all moving toward real truths at the same time. They want to continually to do wrong in the name of our God. They dont want you to be able to get answers other than thru them, when we are all of God in Gods image (referring to consciousness) not of the material body. They want you to believe you are inherently flawed domed to be bad and wrong when the goal of this life is to seek truth and wisdom leading to what is right. To have then tell it you might as well give up trying to be righteous for you. This doesn’t make sense to me I’m sorry and if it doesn’t make sense its not true.

They want is to start out our lives being ashamed of ourselves from the start. I wonder what this does on an inner level when it comes to our self-esteem. Why we cant look favorably upon ourselves and others at the same time. Why cant we look at mistakes as learning experiences towards what is righteous. We are of God and we need to act like it and treat others like it too. The dogma here though leads us down the destructive path of not trusting are selves and therefore not trusting others either. Can you see how we are being mislead.

Feel free to discuss I could just keep going on but I do not want to loose the reader here by doing that. I want this to be considered as a plausible way of not running down the rabbit whole to our destruction. I want it to be reasonable that we can do whats right that we can live in realities that actually are based on the truth and that we can be spiritually GOOD and not inherently bad by nature. “I am what I think I am” behold these words for that one thought defines us all as good or bad.

Cogito Ergo Sum” by René Descartes “I think Therefore I am”. The question are you going to think or is someone else going to think for you?

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