Spirituality Equals Consciousness “SEC”

My name is Kristina Anne White a person on this earth the same as you. Everyone’s problems are relative to themselves and therefore the worst problems most people are intensely aware of is their own. Everyone goes thru trials and tribulations in this life and sometime if not all the time this life can be painful. As a matter of fact it cant be good with out bad nor bad with out good. You need one to know what the other is.

SEC is a point being made about eb and flow and the laws of polarity in this universe. Its about knowing that you are of God the universe and the path to understanding, wisdom and liberation from your pain that naturally results into compassion, empathy for others is thru self. Organized religion offers such paths thru devotion and faith but are corrupted with selfish intent and disregard for any thought track that is not their own dogma. This turned me off but I found i can get very close to God the universe after taking full responsibility for what is my consciousness in this short lifetime. This is a winning path to all things, whatever your heart desires to do that is righteous in intent will be yours at hand.

The interesting thing about it as you become closer to yourself you find that what you need to know you already knew and when you get what you wanted you realize it was there all the time anyway. Truth and honesty is to be held to yourself first with out this you are simply waisting your time right now. Most fairly honest people will turn away right now as they know already this is simpler said then done. But remeber the easier the path the lesser the destination.

This is truly a way to communicate with God our Universe with harmony eb and flow and yes even give and take. But first you have to become honest with yourself about who and what your true nature is. After becoming familiar with self one can work on ones nature that is evident thru ones intent. This is why honesty with self is crucial and should be simple to see at this point. How can you know you if you lie to yourself. This can sound absolutely horrifying to tell yourself that absolute bad about you to you. To accept it is the truth is not something we naturally do. Our brains are grand rationalizers and often protect ourselves and our ego by being in denial about some truths that are painful thru shame something we have been taught.

There is a solution to this and it is thru the understanding of the universal laws of polarity. We will get deep into this so that one can accept ones self and therefore others too as we are aware it’s absolutely normal. The shame brought forth by the usual religious dogma will disappear the saying “You me and the rock on the ground” will make sense. When then build are selves up with true pride and trash the false pride by taking responsibility and action over our consciousness in every way. Suddenly the power of good faith intent over bad faith intent become blaring obvious and you know that in the end you can not go wrong, Truth trumps lies, no game shuts down game, authenticity is rare and coveted by other authentic people.

You will find yourself on a solid path to liberation and in line with Gods will. You will not need faith as you will believe already. You will know God because you communicate with God with your God given consciousness. We are of God the universe and created in Gods image, there for of God itself. From here we learn to act like it first with ourselves then others.

From here if you like please join me us on this journey of liberation from all the vails that bring us so much pain. Let us enjoy this beautiful life by knowing the true reality of things first thru ourselves then outwardly breaking down all the pre packaged truths handed down to us we so easily believe without question. Let us now communicate with God for what the truth is and begin to treat each other and this planet with the respect all deserves. SEC is the reality of things as they are and as they should be, it is truth honesty and good faith. Let us discuss and may you find blessings in this life.

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

Envy is suicide of ones own character an a lack of appreciation for ones divine place in this universe

Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are what you do and intend to do, not what you say and what you say your gonna do

Kristina White

We are all of God let us act like it!